Why does wordpress still use php?

The reason why wordpress uses PHP is that PHP allows you to interact with the database and get data. So Wordpress uses PHP to get things from the database and then generate them as HTML. The various PHP tags and functions provided by WordPress are what allow this to happen on your page. WordPress is designed for everyone, and PHP does not affect the language used by theme designers or plugin developers.

The great strength of the JavaScript programming language is still the rich client-side interactivity. But WordPress servers still speak exclusively PHP, so anything you try to do on the server will use some PHP code for server changes. Like other programming languages, there are different versions of PHP that you can use. PHP 5, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 are older versions of PHP that have reached the end of their useful life.

This means that they will no longer receive active support and will stop receiving (or will soon stop) receiving security support. For example, one of the best-known functions is the_content ();. While this little snippet looks innocent enough, it's actually what your theme uses to display all the content of each of your blog posts. All that and much more, in a plan with no long-term contracts, assisted migrations, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Check out our plans or talk to sales to find the plan that's right for you. PHP is what WordPress runs on your web server. No matter what else is true about your WordPress site, you're using PHP on the server to create your pages and merge them together. Therefore, it is the most important language to truly understand WordPress.

Here, WordPress is more preferred than PHP because it comes with several built-in features and extensions that can improve your technical SEO. Johannes Gutenberg would have wanted you to learn PHP for WordPress before learning JavaScript; e.g. The relationship of server-side language with WordPress is intimate and depends on long-term acceptance of the platform by general users. In a nutshell, most of the effective things you'll have to do for a client (create a new theme page template, get a different and better view of your content, increase server performance, or change the theme layout) become possible when you learn all the WordPress PHP APIs.

If you have some coding knowledge, you can help with WordPress development by fixing bugs or adding new features. If WordPress developers decide that they want to stop using PHP someday, we will. In fact, WordPress was created for those who have no need to program and still work on that premise to this day. PHP has served as the main component on some of the larger platforms, such as WordPress and Drupal.

The end result is that unlike HTML, visitors to your website will never see the PHP code that makes your WordPress site work. Beyond that, most of the things you'll have to do in WordPress are simply much more complex if you're a PHP corrective but you're an expert in JavaScript. So while there are interesting things, mainly the WordPress block editor itself, that are simply impossible without JavaScript, PHP is much more stable and powerful for a newer developer to realize. This is because you can certainly create a WordPress theme or plugin without JavaScript, but you'll never create one without PHP.

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