Who Uses WordPress the Most? A Comprehensive List of Popular Brands

Now, let's take a look at our list of the most popular and reputable brands that use WordPress.


is the most popular website builder and content management system in the world, powering more than 40% of the entire Internet, including some of the biggest brands. Let's explore some of these brands and see why they chose WordPress as their platform. Sony Music is a global music brand that uses WordPress to power its website.

The site showcases its artists, the latest news, the Twitter sidebar and more. TechCrunch is a very popular technology website that covers the latest news on startups, gadgets, events and other related topics. The Next Web is a popular technology and news website with articles on topics such as coding and development, startups, AI, sustainability and more. Time Magazine is one of the oldest American news and magazine websites.

The site covers topics such as politics, health, technology, entertainment, science and much more. The New York Times Company is the corporate website behind The New York Times. It is one of the world's leading newspapers, with more than 150 million monthly readers worldwide. Reader's Digest is an American family magazine that has been published for almost 100 years. The website has a large and active blog that covers a variety of topics such as food, home, humor, holidays and more. There are thousands of government, non-profit and IT websites that use WordPress.

Although it started as blogging software, WordPress today is very scalable, secure and much more than that. Many of the biggest hits, such as eBay, Sony, GM, UPS, Forbes, CNN, Reuters, The NYT, Samsung, IBM and TechCrunch use WordPress as their blogging or website platform. WordPress manages to take over most of the market. It represents 62% of websites that use CMS and earns the title of “Most Popular CMS” seven years in a row. Its closest rival, Shopify, ranks second with 5.4%.

Interestingly, big brands and even companies that are part of the Fortune 500 list also prefer to use WordPress for the same reasons and many more. While no content management system is 100% secure, WordPress does a good job of mitigating risks by updating its core software regularly. If you also want to keep your site safe from data breaches and threats, make sure to update the CMS as well as any additional components (plugins and themes) to the latest version. That is why more than 455 million sites use WordPress. One of the biggest entertainment companies in the world - Walt Disney - is an icon when it comes to movies, characters and theme parks. With annual revenues of more than 70 million dollars, the creators of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck have an attractive site powered by WordPress. Plesk is a web-based control panel for hosting companies that allows users to create and run secure websites in the cloud.

Quantcast is a digital marketing company that provides real-time analysis of audience demographics, advertising and artificial intelligence. Groupe Renault is a French multinational automobile manufacturer focused on providing mobile sustainability around the world. AdEspresso is a SaaS tool that allows users to create, modify and analyze ads for Facebook, Instagram and Google. It's one of the easiest tools available with a wide user base ranging from beginners to experienced marketers. Wolverine Worldwide is an American footwear manufacturer known for its shoe brand Wolverine Boots and Shoes, Hush Puppies and Merrell. They also make footwear for other brands such as CAT, Harley Davidson, Keds and Sperry.

SiteMinder is a guest acquisition platform for hotels with a user base of more than 35000 hoteliers who benefit from SiteMinder's smart and easy-to-use solutions to optimize their digital operations. With an area of 55 acres, the Houston Zoo is the second most visited zoo in the United States with approximately 2.1 million visitors annually. It houses more than 6 000 animals of 900 species and is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.jQuery is an open source JavaScript library used by 73% of the ten million most popular websites. It is easy to use and performs many common tasks by web developers who require JavaScript coding. Tech Crunch is a news website for everything related to technology. They also showcase the latest technology products along with upcoming events.

Owned by Verizon Media, Tech Crunch's WordPress Site Receives Over 16 Million Monthly Readers. Rotimatic is a robot-driven kitchen device that makes Indian flatbread with more than 40 000 units sold; Gizmodo calls it one of the smartest kitchen appliances. The website features the best stories about the agent; story; behind-the-scenes features; promotions; etc. Flickr is a photo and video sharing resource with a global community of more than 87 million members. Your WordPress blog site shares valuable images and readable material to help users get the most out of your service. Wheaton College is another liberal arts college located in northern Massachusetts; it is one of the highest-rated institutions in the United States offering more than 100 majors and minors in liberal arts and sciences. Loyal fans and enthusiasts were actively involved in translating WordPress into more than 68 languages; there are dozens more in process being created. To refresh your memory; WordPress is best-known content management system (CMS) used to create websites regardless its size; many non-profit organizations choose WordPress over other platforms because its ease use; affordability; customizable options. There an entire WordPress security team made up about 50 experts who work day in day out ensure security all sites using this platform.

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