What kind of people use wordpress?

As an open source software, wordpress can be used by anyone. The user base isn't limited by price, premium customer support, or even skill level. Whether you're a designer, a developer, a copywriter, a teacher, a composer or a photographer, you can use Wordpress as your base of operations. You can create a portfolio (using our Notio theme, for example) and showcase your work, or simply run your blog to show that you know what you're doing.

Either way, your website will be the best way for your potential customers to find you and work with you. Considering that the total number of active websites is estimated to be more than 1.3 billion, it means that around 455 million websites use WordPress today. Yes, there are more than two and a half billion search results related to WordPress on Google. In comparison, “sex gives you 5.11 billion results, which really isn't much more if you think about it.

According to information collected by W3Techs, WordPress enjoys a market share of 61.8%. The second most popular CMS is Joomla, with 4.7% lagging far behind. With 163 million unique visitors per month, WordPress receives more visits than Twitter, which receives “only about 156 million unique visitors a month, according to Automattic. It's really amazing what WordPress has been able to achieve with just 1,148 employees.

In addition, these employees are scattered in many different places around the world and manage to do their jobs completely remotely. Source) The same page also tells us that English is the most used language for writing content on WordPress. Spaniard ranks second with 4.7% and Indonesian third with 2.4%. The Plugin Directory currently includes more than 54,000 add-ons with a total of 1.5 billion downloads.

It is debated whether WordPress should not take a more active step to reduce the number of useless or obsolete plugins in the directory. However, you can rest assured that if you run into a problem or need a solution, “there is a plugin for that. The latest version of WordPress, WordPress 5.3, has been downloaded more than 7 million times. Just look at the download counter to see how fast the number increases.

There are currently more than 455 million sites that use WordPress. WordPress is the world's most popular content management system (CMS). People and businesses of all sizes use WP to create websites, run blogs, and sell products online. Some people speculate that the add-on is intentionally pre-installed on all websites to teach newbies the A-B-C of how the plugin works.

The most popular Gutenberg block is the paragraph block, which is used 60% of the time when using Gutenberg. The WordPress community is diverse, made up of people representing different ages, races, backgrounds and skill sets united by their mutual love for software. It's no wonder, then, that people wonder what percentage of websites are WordPress frequently, it's not immediately obvious what framework a site uses. Instead, it indicates that people spend more time finding and reporting vulnerabilities in WordPress software, which will ultimately result in fewer vulnerable plugins and themes in the WordPress repository and other markets.

The culture of remote work is so strong at this company that people stopped going to its San Francisco office and Automattic shut it down. The WordPress community is generally referred to as helpful and friendly, with many people contributing to software updates and getting involved in organizing free events to help people learn more about how to use WordPress.

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