Is wordpress the most used cms?

WordPress, org is our number one choice for the best CMS platform. It is the most popular CMS software in the world and works around 43% of all websites on the Internet. wordpress is a content management system (CMS), a software used to create, modify and maintain websites. This free web software is by far the most popular content management system.

WordPress has been around for quite some time, 14 years to be exact. In the time since its initial launch in 2003, it has become the most popular CMS (content management system) for everyone looking to create a website. In fact, almost 30% of all Internet works with WordPress. And the platform claims almost half of the entire CMS market.

So you can't argue their dominance. As you can see, Wordpress has been steadily increasing its market share by ~ 1-4% (in overall market share figures) over the past 8 years. If you need help, a quick Google search will show you information about any technical WordPress issues. However, while superior ease of use ranks high on the list of things that WordPress does well, that's not the only reason why it's the most popular CMS on the planet.

One of the most interesting findings of the WPEngine survey was the clear return on investment advantage of WordPress. And yes, as you might have guessed, by now WordPress scores higher in this regard than most other CMS platforms. However, in general, once companies start using WordPress, they stick to it, as it is often the right platform for them. There are many portfolio themes available in the official WordPress directory and in third-party repositories.

The settings menu, which allows users to configure WordPress, can also be accessed from the control panel. This is because WordPress offers many great features for blogs, such as creating posts, adding team members as users for collaboration, and using different plugins to incorporate interactive features such as forums, memberships, and e-commerce. Now, with the availability of CMS like WordPress, Shopify and Wix, that percentage has dropped to 36%. While WordPress initially started as a blogging platform, over the years, the CMS has evolved into a highly adaptable, flexible and powerful platform capable of supporting websites of almost any category or type.

If you want to learn more about WordPress or are interested in creating a new WordPress website, don't hesitate to contact us to discuss it further. Not surprisingly, Beyoncé's website works with WordPress; the platform is incredibly popular with artists, photographers and musicians. More than 409 million people view more than 21.1 billion pages every month on WordPress sites according to official WordPress data. WordPress, in its early days, began as a platform typically used for blogging, and to this day, there are many companies that use the platform for the same thing.

The idea of WordPress has been to provide non-developers with an outlet for developing websites that expert developers could do without having much experience or knowledge of the latter.

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