How to Enable Search on WordPress

Are you looking for the best way to enable search on your WordPress website? Look no further! BetterDocs is the perfect all-in-one knowledge base add-on with more than 20,000 active installations. With this documentation solution, you can design an advanced search bar in WordPress that comes with a unique & sort filter option that provides results simply by typing one or two related characters. Your customers can easily get help from your self-service platform with this unique search bar feature. You can even design your search bar with different colors and make the appearance attractive to your site visitors. And you can use the BetterDocs advanced search bar on WordPress completely free of charge.

In this article, we'll discuss how to add a search bar in WordPress and the four best WordPress search plugins. One of the content blocks you can create with WordPress widgets is the search bar. You can find the search widget in the admin panel under the Appearance menu. It is a full-featured search plugin that allows you to make any changes to how search works on your site. Themes that are highly specialized for various business models automatically enable the WordPress search system for web content. The WordPress search system may seem like a simple setup, but it plays a huge role in making content accessible to users.

On the Content tab, you'll have a Header Search section where you can place placeholder text, select a search icon, and adjust the font size. If you want to add a search bar to the menu, you should take advantage of other plugins or widgets in different areas of your website, including the header and footer. By default, WordPress allows you to add searches to your website's sidebar, footer, and other widget-ready areas. FiboSearch is a complete WordPress search plugin that is specially designed for sites created by WooCommerce. The Ivory Search plugin is specially designed to create and customize the look of the search bar of your WordPress site. With the help of this tool, you can implement a Google search engine for your websites that returns results limited to your domain. The Programmable Search Engine tool not only allows you to add a search engine to your WordPress website, but it also allows you to analyze what your audience is looking for on the website and perform optimizations.

You can make the necessary changes to different elements, such as the alignment of the search bar, the position of the button, the color of the text, etc. So take a look at these add-ons and choose the best one to run your online business smoothly, satisfying your customers in all aspects. This time, take a look at the next section to choose the right WordPress search plugins for your website and create a fully functional custom search bar for your users.

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